Car Expense Manager

Simple car expense management - on your phone

Car Expense Manager

Simple car expense management - on your phone

Car Expense Manager is simple, easy to use, versatile Android app made with user experience and ease of use in mind.

It’s a simple app for vehicle expense tracking, with some nifty statistics and additional functions. App allows you to track your fuel, service, ownership, maintenance and vehicle-related costs, in an easy to read and analyze manner. It also provides you with a way to see where is most of your money going, help you shape your future vehicle ownership decisions.


  • Easy to use,
  • Small download and install size,
  • Not resource intensive, works on older and cheaper devices,
  • No ads, in-app purchases,
  • All ownership data in one place:
    • Vehicle information (make, model, age, registration number, VIN, engine and fuel info)
    • Customisable expense entry
      • Group expenses by types, with predefined subtypes and management,
      • Support for custom expenses,
      • Detailed service and custom expense calculaton mode
    • Overall and per-cost yearly statistics
  • Easy to use, intuitive,
  • No special requirements to use.


Application requires min. Android 6 Marshmallow (API 23) to run. No other special hardware requirements.


Application uses android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission - needed for vehicle picture. Application uses feature - needed for vehicle picture.

You can safely deny them both, no further functionality (except ability to set vehicle picture) would be affected.



App is available on Google Play. There is also an open beta channel, which provides a much needed feedback and user input for me; your benefit is that you’re getting new functions and goodies first, so check it out!

Buy me a coffee?

This is base version of this app and is free, without ads or any in-app purchases and it will always stay that way.

Since I’m doing this (partly) for a living, you can support me in any way or buy me a coffee/beer/snack/lunch/dinner with a small donation.